The Only Constant In Life Is Change

Many millennials are at the edge of a quarter life crisis, questioning where they are currently and confused about the next step to take. We at Making Waves ourselves have often been confused about many of our life choices which has led us to constantly question ourselves. Which city should I live in? Should I join the corporate sector or not? Which industry should I go into? I’m earning a steady income, should I leave that stability to start my own business? The list is endless.

After over nine years at Procter & Gamble, Samia Hasan recently founded Direction Dose to help individuals solve these questions.

Having made the career change herself, Samia knows what it takes for millennials to tap into who they really are, find the right career path for them, and help them achieve what they are truly capable of.

She is currently helping individuals by conducting workshops, speaking at various startup events, consulting people one-on-one and even hosting live FB video sessions (yes, she does it all!).


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