Getting into that dream school…

It’s that time of year. Most students have submitted their college applications and are waiting for their big decisions, while the lucky few have already been accepted to their dream schools through early applications.

The increasingly competitive college application process is daunting not only for the students themselves, but also for the parents. Not to speak of the increased investment that goes into financing an undergraduate education, with tuition at a top college in the US now reaching well over $200,000 (yes, you read that right).

Students need to balance school grades, standardized tests, college essays, and extracurricular activities, and a professional helping hand through this tough period can be a great resource. Enter Hale Education Group. Founded by Peter Davos, Hale is the leading independent educational consultancy in the GCC, focusing exclusively on US university admissions.Their counselors help students identify their passions from an early age, and assist them with their application and essay strategies, putting together a competitive but realistic college list, scholarship search, and outreach to schools.



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