Simplifying health insurance? Yes please.

With the threat ofObamacare elimination in America and the NHS being heavily scrutinized in the U.K, national health insurance policies have become popular dinner table conversation. For those of us in the Middle East, many of us have often enjoyed employee benefits which give adequate health insurance that goes beyond just our basic needs. However, as companies cut costs this year, many are turning to reduce various benefits – including health insurance plans. With Dubai making health insurance mandatory, individuals have been grappling to find well priced insurance plans which give them their required coverage.

In steps Bayzat – a technology company that provides insurance and HR solutions. Bayzat’s online platform compares policies real-time and helps individuals and small businesses choose suitable insurance plans for themselves and their employees.

Founded in 2013, Bayzat was initially a platform which focused on comparing financial products and insurance. After seeing an increase in demand for healthcare insurance,CEO Talal Bayaa and his Co-founder (also, childhood friend!) Brian Habibi, decided topivot their idea and focus on health insurance. 

A Palestenian-American, Talal left the corporate world, where he worked in investment banking and private equity, to start Bayzat in 2013.

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