We use technology for everything these days, why should deliveries be different?

Let’s face it, with no formal addresses, all of us based in the Middle East have often had to deal with numerous phone calls explaining our address way too many times, just to receive a package. Everyone is busy in their lives, and being at work trying to coordinate a good time to get the parcel delivered home is another story altogether. The process is simply inefficient.

Correction – the process WAS simply inefficient. The upcoming unicorn of the Middle East, Fetchr, began looking to solve this problem in 2012. Fetchr is an app that uses your smartphone’s GPS location as an address and delivers packages to the location set on your phone.

A couple of weeks ago, the rapidly growing startup announced a $41M Series B round (the largest series B round the region has ever seen). We caught up with the founders Joy and Idriss to learn a little more about their backgrounds and what brought them to the region.

We had an extremely interesting conversation and we absolutely loved talking to them – trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

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