Wellbey – The Answer To All Your Wellness Needs

Have you wanted to treat yourself to a spa treatment and are lost for where to go? Have you ever realised at the end of the long day that you forgot to make a nail appointment for tomorrow but your salon is now closed? Have you ever wanted to book your yoga class for the day but been at work and couldn’t find the time to make that call? Have you ever dreaded to make a phone call to book an appointment and would rather have used an app or website? In steps Wellbey, a one stop shop for all your wellness needs.

In Dubai (and the wider GCC region) many people are particular with their wellness needs and wants. While some individuals have found their go-to spots, others (primarily millennials) are always on the look out to try new places and services. For many, it is hard to discover places and find spots which fit the experience they are looking for. Wellbey helps you find new places, read and write reviews, and book appointments even out of office hours.

A few weeks ago, we caught up with the founders behind this rapidly growing startup. The dynamic duo, Christopher Latti and Stefan Berger were full of energy, made us laugh, gave us a great insight into working with friends and explained the reasons why they looked to start Wellbey.


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